Lee Meriwether sexy – video

Lee Meriwether 3 / 5 Catwoman " After Dinner Kiss " Trap !

Here Catwoman has taken " Bruce Wayne / Batman " back to her rented apartment so she can spring her trap ( with help ) to ...

BATMAN '66 - Bruce Wayne and Miss Kitka

BATMAN '66 - Bruce Wayne and Miss Kitka. BATMAN ON FILM - Authoritative. Definitive. The ORIGINAL!


From the Maury Povich show on June 19, 1992, original stars from "Batman": the three women who played Catwoman with Adam ...

Julie Newmar Tribute

Here are three delicate songs performed by Annita Ray, chosen to illustrate the glamorous beauty of the fabulous Julie Newmar.

Catwoman - Lee Meriwether Interview

A 1966 interview with actress & Miss America, Lee Meriwether. In full costume, Lee gives audiences a glimpse of her sultry role as ...

Something Wild - Julie Newmar as Catwoman

Update 26th July 2014 - TV Series will be released on DVD on 11th November 2014.) So Anne Hathaway is going to be ...

Julie Newmar--Sexy Weather Report, 1963 TV

Julie Newmar delivers the weather in this 1963 TV appearance.

Purrfect compilation 1966

REUPLOAD with added clips. A video I made of all the times the Catwomen said "purrfect" starring Julie Newmar, Lee Merriwether ...

Julie Newmar and Lee Meriwether on playing The Catwoman on Batman

Source: https://www.spreaker.com/user/10541101/tvc453060719-5 TVC 453.5: From our tribute to Adam West in June 2017: Ed, ...

Lee Meriwether - Catwoman

Dr Stevil chats with former Miss America, actress Lee Meriwether,


Episode 1 of "Rise of the Catwoman" series An origin story fan series following Selina Kyle as she rises from orphanhood as a ...

Catwoman Hot for Batman - The Cat and the Fiddle Ep 38 1966

From the original Batman TV series with Julie Newmar as Catwoman G-Man The Movie ...

Catwoman Lee Meriwether

The seduction of Bruce Wayne by Kitka.

Batman , milk and cookies ( spanish subtitles )

Adam West and Lee Meriwether in sexy seduction scene .

Catwomen Exhibit Unveiling at The Hollywood Museum

Bionic Buzz® got to cover the unveiling of the Catwomen Exhibit at the world famous Hollywood Museum. With Kitt McDonald ...

The Catwoman

Inspired by Lee Meriwether and Michelle Phiefer, during the release of Hale Berry's Catwom.

Batman and Robin - group sex 1997

Adam West (Batman) and Burt Ward (Robin) address questions on their involvment with excessive sex partners while involved in ...

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